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Since 2003, French Moon Homes has constructed common-sense, livable floor plans with classic brick exterior styling.

How do we achieve this? We do it by maximizing the use of interior space and creating warm feelings throughout the home. The past decade saw trends in vaulted ceilings and stairwells with balcony overlooks and catwalks. These design concepts result in unusable space and high energy bills. After all, that two-story “air” in the great room could have been a nice bedroom or bonus space upstairs! Time and again, we hear people mention that they don’t want to live in another home with so much wasted space.

Then how about the typical “Bonus Room” over the garage that looks like a bowling alley? The sloped ceilings almost hit the floor, and with only a few feet of head height in the middle, the usable space is at a minimum. With a classic approach to home layout and design, French Moon Homes provides functional spaces to accommodate a family with multiple needs.

Kara Moon French

Kara Moon French holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Industrial Engineering from NC State University—Go Pack!   She possesses cross-industry experience, having held positions in Civil Engineering Support, Production Quality Management, Supply Chain Management, and Strategic Vendor Management.

The woman engineer’s eye for detail combined with honest pricing is what makes each home stand apart from the competition.

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French Moon Homes takes you through the entire design/build process.  Bring us your favorite internet house plan, and we use that as a spring board to discussing your project. We can enhance the plan it to make it more functional and cost effective, or we can use that plan to generate other ideas.

Better yet, let us talk to you about your must-haves in an ideal home, and we will transform desires into a design that’s customized for your specific needs, while keeping you within your budget!

We will explain everything to you and show you how a custom-build can be a fun event.

French Moon Homes is a
Certified Aging in Place Specialist


What is Aging In Place?

This term refers to the ability to live in one’s home comfortably, independently and safely while accommodating changing needs, regardless of current age. The basic concepts for home design used for Aging In Place are derived from Universal Design (UD). This means that most of the design features have value for everyone. For example, a low counter work area in the kitchen is useful for children as well as someone who might want to sit while they prepare a meal.

Why Age In Place?

For most people, “Home” is a proven source of independence, comfort, and security. Re-design for aging in place increases the chances that an individual can remain comfortably at home indefinitely. The added value of the features of aging in place is beneficial across generations as well.


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What is CAPS?

CAPS stands for Certified Aging in Place Specialist. Home remodeling for aging in place is a growing trend among Baby Boomers and their parents. Modifications can range from simple to incredibly expensive. A CAPS-certified specialist can do a home assessment for you and assist you in determining how to make your house more “visitable” for older family members while also preparing your home for future personal needs.

Of course, the need and desire for modifications can vary but the following list is made up of common aging-in-place remodeling ideas:

Simple Modifications:
  • Replace cabinet and drawer pulls with easy-to-grip handles (rather than knobs).
  • Install grab bars for the toilets and tubs in bathrooms to help prevent falls
  • Install lever door handles in place of knobs
  • Install “Comfort height” toilets
  • Install rails on both sides of stairs, allowing dominant-hand usage regardless of direction
More Complex Modifications:
  • Create a curbless-entry shower (no-step)
  • Install a walk-in tub and/or a tub seat
  • Install a handicap accessible vanity in bathrooms
  • Replace standard light switches with rocker-style switches
  • Install more or brighter lighting and task lighting
  • Lower light switches and raise electrical outlets to be accessible from a wheelchair height
  • Install an elevated dishwasher or one with drawers for easy access
  • Install chair-height countertop task area for prep that can be done from a seated position
  • Install a closet system that features pull down rods
  • Increase the width of doorways and hallways where possible
  • Install an elevator or chair lift
  • Create an entrance that is “no-step”
  • Install an exterior wheelchair ramp

Investing in aging-in-place modifications before facing a chronic illness or emergency situation can make the difference in whether an individual remains at home or has to move to a care facility. Many falls and accidents can actually be prevented through thoughtful planning and home improvements. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, home modifications and repairs may prevent 30-50% of all home accidents, including falls, among older adults.

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